Youth Ministries

Young Christians Ministry begins Sunday, March 6th at 11:15AM-12:30PM or 5:00PM

for Middle and High School students.


Young Christian Ministry is faith based and includes all aspects of the church and
congregation. The purpose is to provide a safe and secure learning environment
for youth to develop the fortitude they need to live out their faith.

Emphasis is placed upon mastery of core Christian concepts. A positive peer group process helps to
provide long term relationship skills training. We believe students should be
afforded the time necessary to learn and grow during their adolescent years.
The optimal transition from childhood to adulthood takes years. Jamieson
understands this and provides necessary resources for this growth process.

Fortitude is necessary to maintain Christian beliefs and healthy relationships are necessary
to maintain trust. We offer a powerful Young Christian Ministry. We do this
because it’s the right thing to do. We do this because we have the resources.
And most of all, we do this because we value our youth and they deserve nothing less.