Youth Ministries

The Disciple Youth Group from right here in Clarksville is preparing for a mission trip later this month to Tennessee, where we will work with Team Effort and share God's love in our service to others. Jamie, Ella, and Lilly will be going on the trip. We would like to put together "Prayer Bags" for all of those going! The prayer bags will be prepared and given to the participants on their way to Tennessee for them to read when they need some motivation and inspiration.
These bags will be personalized for each person with treats, notes of encouragement, special scriptures, etc. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you would like to donate items for the "Prayer Bags" it would be greatly appreciated. Ella has taken "Prayer Bags" on her mission trips in the past and it is so nice to feel the love and support from everyone back here in Mecklenburg as they are working hard and spreading God's love in Tennessee.
We have 12 total going on the trip.